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Class of 2021

Senior Spotlight Class of 2021

Jalen Johnson #14 Position: Defensive Back
After graduating from high school Jalen's plan is to attend college and major in Accounting with a minor in Criminal Justice. Jalen is considering several college options at this time. His goal is to pursue a career in Forensic Accounting.
Quote: You have to go after the hardest things in life because the smaller things you can get -Boniface Ogunti

Brandon Bowman #1 Position: Receiver/ Quarterback
When Brandon graduates from WHS he plans to go to college and major in Business while also playing college football. Brandon believes that if he works hard enough he will have a chance to make it to the NFL. Once his playing days are over he plans to become an entrepreneur.

Shun Mitchell #21 Position: Cornerback
After graduating from high school Shun plans to join the workforce while also going to college.

Jackson Ray #9 Position: Receiver
Plan after high school - play baseball in college and major in criminal justice
Quote - “there are two pains in life. The is the pain of discipline and the pain of disappointment. If you can handle the pain of discipline then you’ll never have to deal with the pain of disappointment” - Nick Saban

Johnny Moore # 30 Safety
After high school, he plans to attend college to be a Construction Worker. We are so proud of you good job Love you Mom and Dad

Rudarius Anthony aka Ru # 4 Wide Receiver
Rudarius plans to attend Alabama A&M University. Rudarius will major in both: Sport Management and Computer Science. We love you and we are proud of you Ru. Your number 1 fans…Mom and Dad

Jaedyn Peterson #8 Running back 
Jaedyn Peterson is the son of Fredrick and Felicia Peterson. After graduating from high school, Jaedyn plans on attending the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) where he will pursue a degree in Sports Medicine.

Benjamin Barker #55 Center.
Following graduation, Benjamin plans to attend college (undecided) and pursue a degree in the healthcare field

Nathan Waters #50 Left Guard
Nathan plans to attend Southern Union then on to Troy to pursue a career in geomatics.

Myles Ross #2 Defensive End
Myles Ross plans to attend Alabama A&M and pursue studies in Engineering. Myles has been recently recognized for his excellent work with assisting the elderly at Eastdale Estates in Montgomery, where he is currently employed.

LaKirklon R Leonard Linebacker #19 at Wetumpka High School
Future plans are to attend college for culinary arts and hopefully one day on his own business as he masters the art of cooking

Antonio Jordan #48 Position Dline 
Antonio plans to attend Ohio State University after graduating high school. He plans to obtain his PhD to become a psychologist.

Abraham Preston, #51, Offensive Line.
Abraham is a big guy with a love of learning. He is smart and kind. He is loved by all who take the opportunity to get to know him. He plans to attend college and become an Anesthesiologist. We love you, Abraham!

Colton Brady, #75, offensive line.
After high school he plans to attend a two year college and he desires to coach little league baseball.

Colby #56 Position: Left Tackle
After 11 seasons of football, here we are! Senior year! Colby is considering several college options and intends to major in Mechanical Engineering.

Jarrett Rhodes #32 Position: Defensive Line
Jarrett plans to attend Mississippi State University and major in Sports Management and Sports Medicine. He plans to pursue a career in coaching and/or Athletic Training.

Wade Morgan #31 Position: Cornerback
Wade plans to attend Southern Union next Fall and then to Auburn University to pursue his dreams of becoming a dentist.
We are so proud of the young man you are becoming. Love, Mom and Dad.