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H&R Block Referral Program

The Wetumpka Quarterback Club is working with H&R Block and Block Advisors this tax season! Get a referral code from Al Johnson and take it to the office when you have your tax return prepared. If you are a new client, the WQC will get a $20 contribution. This may not seem like a lot of money but we need all the help we can get for the boys. My Number is 334-322-7916 give me a call or text and I will send you the code.


H&R Block Tax Talks What is a Tax Talk?

 A Tax Talk is a presentation put on by your local H&R Block tax expert on a tax topic that is relevant to you, your employees, or your supporters. Tax Talks typically last around a half-hour and can even include a Q&A session afterwards. These talks can be a great opportunity to help your employees and supporters prepare for their upcoming tax appointment or learn how a change in their financial situation can affect their taxes. What topics can be covered at a tax talk? Tax Talks cover a wide range of tax-related topics such as: • Military Filing • First-time Filers • The Affordable Care Act (ACA) • Assisted Living Taxes • Disaster Relief • Small Business Tax • ITINs (Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers) • Taxes and Immigration • Airbnb • Uber • PATH (Protecting America from Tax Hikes) Act • OR request for your local tax expert to speak on another matter How can I schedule a Tax Talk for my organization? 1) Review the list of possible Tax Talks topics to see if any stand out as relevant to your organization. 2) Email your Nonprofit Referral Program H&R Block Contact with the subject of ‘Requesting a Tax Talk’ and please include: a. Your name and contact information b. The name of your organization c. The tax topic you would like to have covered d. Your preferred date of the event (please give your contact at least two weeks notice) e. Your preferred location of the event 3) Tell all your employees and supporters that you have scheduled an H&R Block Tax Talk for their benefit! Utilize community briefs and meeting announcements to get the message out. 4) NOTE: If you are looking to host the Tax Talk at your building or office, please designate a room or meeting area for the event.